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The Hidden Dangers of CBD: It’s Just Not Worth the Risk

National Consumers League Executive Director Sally Greenberg was interviewed by the Institute for Public Strategies’ Cynthia Nickerson to explain the dangers of unregulated CBD available to consumers and the need for the FDA to step in, test, and regulate these products.

According to FDA research, CBD products are often mislabeled and frequently contain significantly more or less CBD than advertised. Greenberg referenced independent testing of the top 240 top-selling CBD products that found that an overwhelming majority – 70 percent – were contaminated with various substances including lead, arsenic, pesticides, and toxic mold. Greenberg also discussed the dangers associated with CBD and children. She encouraged parents to heed the FDA and other expert’s warnings about CBD. Click here to read our recent blog about the dangers of CBD and children.

While some progress has been made, Greenberg explained that much more needs to be done to educate consumers about the significant health risks related to CBD. Most CBD products available today do not comply with current good manufacturing process regulations, and none of the CBD consumer products on the market have been thoroughly scientifically tested to prove they have therapeutic value.

This puts consumers at risk in a rapidly expanding CBD “wild west” marketplace. Greenberg shared possible solutions suggested by Consumers 4 Safe CBD, which include encouraging FDA to regulate CBD products, provide dosage levels for safe consumption, and guidelines that ensure packaging is unattractive to children.

Watch the Greenberg/IPS interview below:

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