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Path to Safe Cannabis

We Believe the FDA Should…

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Utilize its scientific expertise to inform and protect consumers from untested, unproven, unsafe, and/or mislabeled products. The FDA should warn the public about products being fraudulently marketed for medical purposes and the dangers posed by untested and mislabeled products.

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Require clear and sensible health warnings on cannabis consumer products, including warnings for pregnant and breastfeeding individuals. All products should include a
1-800 phone number to allow concerned consumers to call the manufacturers to make specific inquiries about the product.

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Encourage robust clinical research into cannabis’ potential to improve health and lives. Our leaders should further incentivize research, clinical trials, and the creation of new cannabis-derived treatments that are backed by science and approved by the FDA. Many people agree cannabis has the potential to improve lives, but research and clinical data are needed to move the industry forward in the right direction.

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