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NEW White Paper on Prominence and Risks Related to New, High THC Potency Cannabis Products

For years, marijuana companies have made false, misleading, and unproven claims about their products, posing serious threats to public health and safety. The uptick in misleading cannabis product health claims, combined with the increased potency of cannabis consumer products, is increasing public health risks.


New data released by Data Solutions, LLC in partnership with the National Consumers League (NCL), details the market size, popularity, and growth trajectories of high THC potency products. The findings demonstrate the prominent role highly concentrated products (i.e., concentrates and vapes) play in the marketplace and illustrate the need for attention from policymakers and regulators.


“Since 2019, NCL has been working to raise awareness about potentially harmful claims that marijuana manufactures make about their products,” said NCL Chief Executive Officer Sally Greenberg. “Data such as this is key for educating consumers and stakeholders as Congress works on this issue. Consumers deserve to feel confident about the products available in the marketplace. Consumers deserve better.”  


Read the full white paper HERE.

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