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Raising the Red Flag for Consumers about CBD During National Consumer Protection Week

This week, Consumers for Safe CBD joins thousands of companies, associations, and non-profit organizations across the country recognizing National Consumer Protection Week. From March 1-7, we are all focused on the consumer – educating the public on their rights as consumers and helping consumers make informed decisions about everything from finances, product choices, and health and wellness.

As part of this effort, we are alerting consumers about the dangers of unregulated, yet widely popular products containing CBD. CBD-infused food, beverages, candies and pet treats are everywhere -- grocery stores, pharmacies, gas stations, etc. Search “CBD” in your web browser, and you’ll be bombarded with options and many misleading claims about the medical benefits related to these products.

Unfortunately, much of these claims are not scientifically backed, and CBD product labels are often misleading and confusing, with little to no information on ingredients and potency. CBD itself is known to have potential risks, including liver toxicity, fatigue, and harmful interaction with other drugs.

During this annual week dedicated to helping consumers stay safe and make smart decisions, we again ask the FDA -- the gold standard in protecting American consumers -- to expand its efforts to educate consumers about CBD, enforce regulations against products that make medical claims that pose high risks, establish a clear distinction between approved medicines and other consumer products, and encourage further research.

Consumers overwhelmingly agree that the FDA should be doing more to test and regulate CBD products.

The CBD marketplace continues to be a tumultuous, wild, wild, west. Unsuspecting consumers shouldn’t have to maneuver through this dangerous, uncharted minefield.

Help spread the word this week by using #SafeCBD and #NCPW2020 on social. And follow NCL on Twitter and Facebook.

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