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National Health Education Week: CBD Is Not Necessarily Healthy

This October 18th – 22nd, we recognize National Health Education Week – a week dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of getting and staying healthy.

Education is a key component of healthy living, and Consumers for Safe CBD is working to educate the public about the health risks related to CBD products. Unfortunately, CBD is often touted as a cure-all substance that will improve health and wellness, but most CBD products have not proven to do so. In fact, these products are unregulated and untested and pose serious health risks including liver toxicity, fatigue, and harmful interaction with other drugs.

The FDA has said that CBD is not generally recognized as safe (GRAS) for use in human or animal food, yet CBD products are everywhere – online, in pharmacies, grocery stores, at the mall, gas stations, and at your local farmers market. Labeling is often confusing, with minimal and often misleading information on ingredients and potency, making the marketplace a confusing and potentially dangerous one for consumers. We are encouraged that the FDA is continuing to gather information through sampling and other means, but based on the information we already have, consumers should remain wary.

Especially during National Health Education Week, we urge consumers to proceed with caution when it comes to CBD. Join us in raising awareness about the importance of living a healthy lifestyle – one that should not include CBD until we have FDA guidance on its safety.

Learn more about National Health Education week HERE.

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