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Legislation To Reaffirm FDA’s Role in Ensuring Safe Marketplace for Cannabis & CBD

This month, policymakers have moved forward with legislation to address the legalization and regulation of both cannabis and CBD products. The Cannabis Administration & Opportunities Act would establish a framework for addressing policy and regulatory issues to ensure cannabis and CBD are safe for consumers.

“Key provisions in this legislation reaffirm that the FDA has the authority to take strong, effective, and prompt action to protect the public from the potential dangers that stem from unregulated CBD products,” said Sally Greenberg, Executive Director of the National Consumers League. “As the market for cannabis and CBD continues to grow, consumers deserve to have the same level of confidence in the FDA’s regulation of these products as they do for other goods and services. This bill establishes a balanced, reasonable approach and recognizes the need for rigorous scientific testing, transparency, regulation, and enforcement. While these indicate steps in the right direction, much more needs to be done.”

In 2019, the National Consumers League established the Consumers for Safe CBD campaign to educate regulators, policymakers, and consumers about the importance of a secure path forward for CBD products on the market. NCL advocates for the FDA’s continued scientific testing and regulation of CBD products in order to help consumers navigate this rapidly growing marketplace. It is critical that the FDA determines safe levels of THC – the main psychoactive in marijuana – in CBD products and require simple, accurate labeling.

NCL and Consumers for Safe CBD will continue to work with policymakers to ensure that legislative proposals recognize FDA’s authority and encourage more engagement from the agency and the FTC to make the cannabis and CBD marketplace safe for consumers.

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