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ICYMI: Washington Post Stories Highlight CBD Danger for Humans & Pets Alike

In case you missed it, The Washington Post recently published two articles on the potential dangers posed by unregulated and untested CBD products. Manufacturers are continuing to boast that their products are safe and effective, not just for humans, but pets as well. However, as these stories demonstrate, this is not a guarantee. Consumers deserve access to safe, FDA-approved products. Consumers for Safe CBD will continue to encourage the FDA to protect public health and establish a pathway for regulated CBD products. CBD for pets has gotten more popular, though vets urge caution The Washington Post August 19, 2020 The increase in amateur fireworks earlier this summer rattled a lot of nerves, and not just human ones. In Washington’s Kingman Park neighborhood, where fireworks became a nightly occurrence in May and June, a Labrador-hound mix named Nefertiti made herself a new home in the tiny space between the couch and the wall. Or, sometimes, the closet. “She would be shaking and cowering and eventually hiding so we couldn’t find her,” said her owner, Sarah Wilson. “It just got worse and worse.” A veterinarian prescribed a medication that seemed to temporarily paralyze Nefertiti, which frightened Wilson...

For days she couldn’t stop getting sick. At first she doubted the probable cause The Washington Post August 22, 2020 The vomiting happened with little warning and for no apparent reason. Sometimes it would strike the day after Alice Moon had been out with friends. Often it happened while the Los Angeles public relations specialist was in a car on her way to the airport — or on the plane. The episodes became so frequent that Moon began packing a plastic trash bag, just in case. Friends speculated that vomiting was her reaction to travel anxiety. One of the worst episodes occurred in March 2018 when Moon spent five days in New York City on a much-anticipated birthday celebration for her mother…

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