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ICYMI: NCL’s Strongin Highlights Need for FDA Oversight of Medical Marijuana Misinformation Online

In a recent opinion editorial in The Hill, NCL’s Health Policy Director Robin Strongin highlights research findings that dive into the unsubstantiated medical claims made by marijuana manufacturers about their products online. Such claims could be dangerous to consumers, particularly vulnerable patient populations, and the FDA can and should act to protect public health.

Strongin explains, “the FDA must crack down on these false and dangerous claims, using its automated algorithms to monitor marijuana companies’ social media posts. We know this works as many marijuana companies have rolled back their false health claims after receiving warning letters from the FDA.

“The same needs to happen with social media. With the proper technological oversight and strict enforcement of terms of usage from the tech companies, companies could take down false claims and the FDA could respond swiftly when a false health claim hits the Twitterverse.

Read the full op-ed HERE.

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