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ICYMI: Medical Cannabis Reimbursement Debate in the Courts Highlights Need for FDA Clarity

Consumers for Safe CBD continues to encourage our federal leaders to ensure cannabis products on the market are safe and effective. However, some states are getting ahead of the FDA and pushing for untested, unproven, federally illegal cannabis products to be covered by insurance.

The Hill recently reported on a Department of Justice recommendation to the U.S. Supreme Court to deny review of a state workers’ bid for “medical marijuana” reimbursement, stating that a Minnesota Supreme Court ruling against this request was correct “for the straightforward reason that when a federal law such as the [Controlled Substances Act] prohibits possession of a particular item, it preempts a state law requiring a private party to subsidize the purchase of that item.”

Before more states complicate this confusing web of cannabis laws, we need the FDA to step in to protect consumers. Learn more here.

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