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Expanded Efforts to Ensure a Safe Cannabis Marketplace

Welcome to Cannabis Consumer Watch

The National Consumers League and its partners — Consumer Federation of America and Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America — have expanded the mission and purpose of Consumers for Safe CBD and announced the creation of Cannabis Consumer Watch. This new initiative will focus on educating consumers about the potential dangers of cannabis in an underregulated market and encouraging state and federal regulators and policymakers to take strong, effective, and prompt action to protect the public from the potential harms posed by unregulated, untested cannabinoids.

Since the launch of Consumers for Safe CBD in 2019, there has been a growing need for increased education and awareness, particularly as state and federal policymakers are considering marijuana legislation proposals, and access is expanding rapidly to cannabis and cannabinoid products and derivatives. Consumer Cannabis Watch will focus beyond CBD and ensure that consumers are protected from defective products and fraudulent medical claims, while also encouraging further research to inform our understanding of potential therapeutic uses and limitations of cannabinoids.

At the federal level, the FDA has the scientific expertise and experience necessary to oversee, assess and regulate products to ensure consumer safety, accuracy of claims and protect public health.

Consumer Cannabis Watch believes the FDA should:

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