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CBD: It’s Not Worth the Risk

We know how the saying goes…if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is, and that’s the case with CBD products that claim to relieve stress, decrease anxiety, and improve health and wellness.

While CBD products are often marketed as an effective treatment for a variety of medical conditions, there is not enough scientific evidence and data to prove the health benefits of CBD. Unproven, untested health claims of CBD products are putting consumers at risk as these products have not been demonstrated to be safe or effective.

In fact, independent testing of the top 240 top-selling CBD products found that an overwhelming majority – 70 percent – were contaminated with various substances including lead, arsenic, pesticides, and toxic mold.

Despite the warnings, consumers have been led to believe that CBD can improve one’s health and wellness. Many parents and pet owners think that a small dose of CBD will calm anxiety in children and pets. We hear frequent stories about consumers who replace prescribed medications with CBD, often mixing it with other treatments without knowing the amount of CBD in the product or what other ingredients may be in the CBD.

Using these products just isn’t worth the risk. The health risks stemming from using untested, unproven CBD products are real. Medical conditions worsen. Consumers have been hospitalized. Jobs have been lost.

We need to better understand the potential health benefits of CBD, but this can only be accomplished through clinical testing and scientifically validated methodologies. To date, there is only one FDA-approved prescription medication of CBD on the market. Other products claiming to provide medical benefits are unproven and untested and using them puts consumers in danger.

The time for action is now. More scientific testing and validation of CBD products is needed. We strongly encourage the FDA to step in and help consumers get smarter so we can differentiate between the myths and facts of CBD.

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