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Cannabis-Derived Goodies: More Tricks than Treats

As Halloween nears and candy consumption kicks into high gear, we’re reminding parents and guardians across the country to be particularly vigilant this year and closely examine Halloween bags for “treats” that resemble safe, legitimate candy, but are instead CBD or cannabis edibles – products that pose serious health risks for children.

  • Earlier this month, Delta-8 THC edibles resembling the popular gummy worms candy were found in a Halloween treat bag in the St. Louis area. Delta-8 THC contains psychoactive and intoxicating effects, similar to Delta-9 THC, the component that causes the “high” people may experience from using cannabis.

  • The American Association of Poison Control Centers has reported more than 5200 cases related to CBD in the last two years.

  • Local law enforcement officials are reminding parents early this year about the importance of being diligent and closely examine Halloween bags.

When it comes to cannabis-derived products, we don’t have enough scientific data on all the side effects, drug interactions, or safe dosing information. Unfortunately, the data we do have indicates risks that need to be considered before consuming cannabis products.

The FDA has said that CBD in particular is not generally recognized as safe (GRAS) for use in human or animal food. Despite the FDA designation, CBD “treats” are readily available on shelves today. And because they are not tested or regulated by the FDA, these products are often mislabeled and may contain harmful ingredients, making candies and gummies that appeal to young children especially dangerous.

For parents and guardians, it’s important to know what might be in the gummies children are exposed to. As Everyday Health cautions – consumers should tread carefully in the unregulated CBD marketplace as these potentially dangerous “‘life-changing’ CBD products sit next to Lifesavers.”

For additional information, visit the CCW website.

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