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“Buyer Beware” During This Holiday Season

During the hustle-bustle of the holiday season, Cannabis Consumer Watch is reminding consumers to proceed with caution when it comes to cannabis and CBD products.

Many consumers are unknowingly purchasing cannabis or cannabis-derived products that have not been scientifically tested or regulated. Products available in stores and online are often inaccurately labeled and may contain ingredients which can create health risks for friends and family members.

And the “pure CBD” gummies you may hope to gift to your loved ones, may not be as pure as it seems. One study found that nearly 40 percent of CBD products tested contained THC, the psycho-additive in marijuana.

However, there is hope for a better, safer consumer market. Cannabis and cannabinoids could eventually treat some health problems and diseases, if properly studied and regulated. Cannabis Consumer Watch continues to look to the scientific experts at the FDA for guidance and the all-important determination for safe concentration levels of CBD and THC that won’t put consumers at risk.

Research and vigorous scientific testing will be critical to determine cannabis’s potential to improve health and wellness. Until then, think twice before gifting these unregulated, potentially harmful products.

Watch CCW’s new explainer video, and visit the website for additional information. Stay safe and Happy Holidays!

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