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A Note from NCL's Sally Greenberg on the COVID-19 Crisis


We hope you are staying safe and healthy. As we all are navigating a new normal amidst the COVID-19 crisis, all of us at Consumers for Safe CBD are continuing our efforts to help keep you informed and safe.

There are unfortunately a number of CBD manufacturers and stores that continue to falsely promote medical benefits of CBD products. A CBD store in Portland, Oregon, was recently ordered by the office of the state's attorney general to take down signs claiming that its products could boost immunity against COVID-19.

False claims such as this are particularly dangerous as consumers anxiously attempt to stay safe and healthy amidst the coronavirus crisis. The need for science-backed treatments is significant and we must ensure products are tested and regulated for safety.

Recent studies have found potential harmful side effects of cannabis products on infected coronavirus patients. Aurelius Data cautions the public against the potential harmful side effects that can come from consuming cannabis products with Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) if a patient is infected with COVID-19. And studies have shown that many unregulated CBD products have been found to contain THC, though the labels may not disclose this.

In these uncertain times, we urge consumers to continue to take precautions. We urge everyone to follow CDC guidelines for COVID-19, practice safe social distancing, and at the same time avoid THC products and all untested, unregulated CBD products to help keep your family, friends, and communities safe.

Stay well,


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