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Las Vegas Sun Opinion: Cannabis Research Will Improve Patient Outcomes

In a recent op-ed, epilepsy specialist at one of the leading healthcare provider groups in Nevada Dr. Rolando Ania, stresses the importance of thorough research to determine cannabis’ effectiveness in addressing certain medical conditions and improving patients’ health and wellness.

Dr. Ania states: “Right now, the possibility that cannabis can treat or mitigate a host of other conditions is very real, but we may never know exactly what its full potential is with the significant cannabis research restrictions that are currently imposed…Without scientific research, we will have no solid knowledge and evidence to support the widely believed claim that cannabis is entirely safe, when in fact, that may not always be the case.”

Dr. Ania calls on policymakers to support increased research “so that our patients with unmet medical needs have more proven opportunities for treatment. Research will protect consumers, while helping us realize the potential that cannabis may hold to advance modern challenges in medicine.” Read the full piece in the Las Vegas Sun here.

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