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Global Wellness Day

This Saturday June 12, people around the world will celebrate Global Wellness Day, a day-long celebration of living well and healthy. How we choose to approach wellness is different for all individuals. Especially during this time of heightened health consciousness, Consumers for Safe CBD wants to remind all consumers that many of the CBD products on retailer shelves today that claim to improve health and wellness are not proven to do so.

This relatively new category of retail products is often marketed as healthful and wellness-promoting. They are sold at specialty supplement retailers, in high-end grocery stores, and at yoga studios. Many consumers mistakenly assume they pose no risks and can be used as part of a healthy lifestyle or to achieve health goals. The reality, however, is that they could potentially be harmful.

Unfortunately, there are countless health and wellness “experts” who often tout the benefits of CBD – particularly on social media – including NFL tight end Rob Gronkowski, body builder Maddy Forberg, trainer Kara Arnold, yoga instructor Alex Carnevale, and trainer Shaina Feta. Though well-intended, these influencers may be putting your health at risk, and we know that the health-related claims made by these CBD products have not been scientifically tested or regulated by the FDA. Buyer beware! Click here for more information about the myths and facts of CBD.

We applaud efforts to improve health and wellness every day, especially on Global Wellness Day, and we want consumers to know that CBD is not yet a proven solution for health.

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