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CBD: A Scary Unknown This Halloween

Families across America are trying to figure out how to preserve kid-favorite Halloween traditions while keeping their costumed little ones safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. And there’s another danger lurking this year—in addition to how to trick or treat safely—and that’s the threat of CBD-infused candies.

Consumers for Safe CBD provides resources and information to help raise awareness about the potential dangers for the unsuspecting consumers when it comes to these untested, unregulated products. The products are a concern year-round, but in the next week, there is an increased possibility of kids being unknowingly gifted CBD-infused candies.

Others are raising the concern as well:

  • County police departments in Kentucky encouraged parents to check all Halloween candy after some kids last year received gummies that contained CBD.

  • In a New York Times article, Should You Give Your Kid CBD?, experts warn about the unknowns of CBD and children.

  • A radio station in Florida reported on police and doctors warnings about CBD treats that look rather unassuming and resemble regular treats and candies.

  • Two teenagers were recently sent to the hospital after ingesting gummies that contained high amounts of THC – which often finds its way, unlabeled, into unregulated CBD products.

The FDA has reported that, in a study, more than half of its sampling of CBD products were mislabeled and contained 20 percent more CBD vs. what was advertised. Nearly half contained THC – Tetrahydrocannabinol -- the psychoactive component of marijuana.

In today’s challenging environment, it’s often difficult to differentiate between myths and facts. And there are a lot of false medical claims and popular marketing campaigns to entice the public. A PopSugar article suggests CBD-infused candies to take the “bite” out of Halloween with fewer calories and “therapeutic” options including peanut butter cups, gummies, and chocolate bars. As Everyday Health blog cautions -- consumers should tread carefully in the unregulated CBD marketplace as these potentially dangerous “ ‘life-changing’ CBD products sit next to Lifesavers.”

Parents and consumers looking to salvage a Halloween 2020 should be aware that the FDA announced that CBD is not generally recognized as safe (GRAS) for use in human or animal food, yet products containing CBD are everywhere. The risks much higher than the rewards.

This year more than ever, take extra precautions, check those Halloween bags carefully, and know what could be in that gummy.

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