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2020 Goals for the FDA

This year, the FDA has the opportunity to help consumers across the country in a major way. With a new commissioner leading the way, we’re hopeful that the agency will bring forth CBD policies that will ensure safety and efficiency, while encouraging research and innovation so that more FDA-approved CBD treatments and therapies can make their way to patients who need them most.

Dr. Stephen Hahn has a strong background in patient care and academic research, so we’re hopeful that he understands the importance of encouraging more research around CBD products – from potency levels to interactions with other drugs – as right now, there are far too many unknowns.

During his confirmation hearings late last year, Dr. Hahn acknowledged he would like to see more research to answer the many questions about CBD. Hahn expressed his concerns about the many CBD products available to consumers that have not been through the FDA’s stringent review process. Dr. Hahn explained he’s a “huge supporter of getting research and clarity and transparency around the processes to allow us to get the medical products to patients.”

As concerned consumers, we hope that Hahn and his staff will act quickly to make sure the products available to consumers in stores and online are safe. This issue will be a top priority in 2020 as the CBD market continues to expand at an exponential, uninhibited rate. We look forward to working with Dr. Hahn to help bring safe, effective CBD products to consumers.

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